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Mail Forwarding & Document Services with myGermany 
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Mail Forwarding & Scanning Services

How does it work?



Sign up

Provide your documents & get your personal German shipping address

Register, pay 1,00 € one-off payment (get it reimbursed) and your account will be activated. As you want to use our document services, we will require (send you an eMail) a copy of your ID, a proof of your identity and an Authorization Post Receipt form. Your documents will be uploaded with our secure upload partner DropBox only. Please do not send any documents via eMail.

For 1,00 € you get much more than just document services, the following is for free:

  • Lifetime membership incl. shipping and forwarding address in Germany
  • Consulting on products and purchase process incl. call-back service
  • Concierge services
  • Goods inspection and warehousing
  •  Mail & package consolidation and repackaging
  •  Further services such as removal, attachment or scan of documents
  • International insured premium and express shipping (incl. return shipments)
  • Preparation of customs documents and declarations
  • Handling of customs processes
  • Drop shipment and discreet shipping

Click here to check out all our services in detail.



Select options

Select your service option

Define in your account what we shall do for you. In myDATA adjust your shipping and service preferences: shall we automatically scan and/or forward your letters? Just scan and wait for your order to be forwarded or disposed? Or simply receiving and informing about number of pages and weight, thus you can decide if to be forwarded, scanned or disposed… Check our options. Check our costs for document services. And use your new address for your mail in Germany:

Mind that your new myGermany address cannot be used as any billing or residence address!



Exchange information

Get your scans and/or forwards

We receive your documents and based on your selection we will

  • forward automatically each day or each week. Or
  • scan it before automatic daily or weekly forwarding happens. Or
  • automatically scan it. Your documents will be stored in our warehouse and wait for your orders to be forwarded or disposed. Or
  • store your documents. Whenever you want, initiate the scan and/or forwarding, as well as disposal order (destroy or shred). 

If required, we consolidate received letters in huge envelopes for free. For each forward you will be notified by eMail. For the scans you will be notified by eMail and find PDF formats in your account. Invoices will happen on a monthly basis and contracts can be terminated monthly, too



And now?

Now, you decide ….

We store your documents 60 days free of costs. After that we can store it for another 60 days with costs. So if you don’t want us to forward physically stored documents, let us dispose them. This service is free of costs and needs to be initiated by you!

Ready to start mail forwarding services with myGermany ?

Register Now!

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