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International Shipping Cost Calculation for Mail Forwarding
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Costs for Mail Forwarding

Total costs for our Scan & Forwarding Services,
including Deutsche Post fees

Simple & consistent cost structure for our Scan & Forwarding Services.

We receive your documents, letters, magazines etc. at our warehouse and do whatever you command: automatic or on-demand forwarding, store it physically, scan it or dispose it. You decide which service you want, and you pay only for the service you want! No membership or hidden fees!

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Costs Scan Services

We will scan your documents automatically or on demand, and provide you a PDF format in your account. The maximum size we can print is 29,7 × 42,0cm, A3.

  • Automatic scan solution (we scan as soon we receive documents)
    5,00 € per moth / 60,00 € per year basic fee plus 0,30 € per page
  • onDemand scan solution (we scan after your order)
    0,30 € per page / min. 2.00 €

After scanning, you decide if to be forwarded, stored or disposed. Disposal of documents is free.

How to get a scan?

Simply check the options in your account. As soon as we receive documents you will be notified via eMail. Automatic solution: find a complete scan in PDF format in your Inbox. Invoice will be risen each month. Contracts can be terminated each month. onDemand solution:  find an information of received documents in your Inbox (inclusive number of document pages) and click scan. Payable with each order.

Costs Mail

We provide 2 rates for mail: letters up to 500 Gram and letters up to 1.000 Gram. Every shipment more than 1.001 Gram is handled as a parcel. For each country apply the same rates, our rates are the total rates including postage (Deutsche Post) fees:

  • Letter max 500 Gramm
    10,00 € (each country, incl. our fees and postage as registered letter)
  • Letter max 1.000 Gramm
    15,00 € (each country, incl. our fees and postage as registered letter)

Forwarding Methods:

  1. onDemand forwarding services (we forward according to your order)
    no monthly costs involved, only fees per letter

How can I get my mail forwarded?

First of all, please submit a copy of your ID, a proof of your identity (any statement) and our form Authorization Post Receipt. Select certain automatic or onDemand options in your account. Automatic solution: your items will be automatically forwarded. Invoice will be risen each month. Contracts can be terminated each month. onDemand solution: you need to initiate the forward in your Inbox. Payable with each order.

How do we define a Letter?

We define letters as shipments with a maximum weight of 1.000 Gram and with maximum combined dimensions of 90cm (Length + Width + Height). The longest side of the letter must not be more than 60cm. It shall be sent in letter form only, containing documents, magazines, printed material etc. Others (such as DVDs, T-Shirts, CDs etc.) will be handled as parcels.

Please check what we do not forward 

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Questions & Answers

How can I terminate a monthly contract?
Just send us an eMail that you don’t want us anymore to forward automatically your items and you wish to terminate the Daily or WeeklyDirect forward option. Done.
What kind of documents you need from me?
We will ask you to upload via our secure upload partner DropBox a copy of your ID, a proof of your identity (any statement) and our form Authorization Post Receipt.

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