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 169 reviews
by Dr. Yagil Weinberg on myGermany.com
Country: Israel

It was my first experience with MyGermnay when I wanted to buy and ship various items from Europe to Israel.Throughout the process the team at myGermany were simply going out of their way to accommodate my needs and to turn any stone to find me the items I desire at the best price.Both Chris and Johanne were my counterparts. They did not cut any corner to making sure I am satisfied and that I get what it is I wan.Further, they were so kind in allowing me the necessary time to add products to my shipment, and even offering me free storage for the interim time frame.They also worked hard at identifying the best shipping method and accommodated my specific needs throughout the process. They kept their involvement making sure the shipment is secured and following it top to the moment I received in at my curb.Obviously it does come with a price, sometimes I thought over-priced, but it all just details in an overall exceptional experience.Their superb service, attention to details, on-going support and service standards are rare and a delight. They earned in me a loyal customer

by HunS on myGermany.com
Country: Singapore

Fast turnaround time and excellent customer service. Items status updated timely and customer service team is very responsive, am happy to use their services.

by Adesoga Adeola Anthony on myGermany.com
Country: Nigeria

Great concierge services with well consolidation of packages. Will always recommend myGermany to anyone as my business is reliant on myGermany and they never fail me.

by Gabor on myGermany.com
Country: DK

I would like to give 5 stars for MyGermany services, because they have a very good service, but one thing made me sad for a few days. I used the calculator on the MyGermany website, and it show a lot of options. I choose one of them for 58. When I try to ship my consolidated package from the outbox, there was only one option for 180. I have tried to contact by e-mail, but no answer for a few days. The next step was the online form. Finally I have got an answer from Eva who make me happy again with a lot of shipping method. Thank you Eva :-)Now I can trust again in MyGermany and recommend for everyone.

by Nedas on myGermany.com
Country: Lithuania

Shipping price is 10,000$, what to do ? Packages are worth 1000$

Hi Nedas,

this was the mark for freight, wherefore we have had to clarify
- packaging
- customs processes
- shipping methods

You were never asked to pay really 10k USD 🙂

by Vadim on myGermany.com
Country: Latvia

Best Service, great communication,Thanks

by Guillaume on myGermany.com
Country: Sweden

I do not usually post reviews but I will make an exception for myGermany. I wanted to order a pair of gloves from a shop delivering only to Germany (that was a last item of the season I could not find anywhere else). I created an account and then had the gloves shipped to myGermany address. I was worried because while the gloves were listed as delivered by DHL, myGermany had not updated anything even after 1 week. I started to get worried that I had felt for a giant scam. I still wrote myGermany and to my surprise, they replied that they had updated my account but not saved it by mistake, and the gloves were ready to ship. At the end, everything worked well and I now have the gloves here with me. So I do recommend the company and I will definitively shop again. It can perhaps be a little less effective than major companies but it does work.

Thanks Guillaume for your feedback, patience and cooperation 🙂 Happy to count you as customer!

by Marie farmer on myGermany.com
Country: United kingdom

Excellent service first time I've used Mygermany but I doubt it will be my last I am very happy with the service I received a big thank you to all the team at mygermany from Marie and my husband in the uk

by Priya Ramnani on myGermany.com
Country: India

Very quick service, Excellent Job they do.

by emirhan on myGermany.com
Country: Russia

very smooth and fast process , always positive and productive customer servicethanks a lot !

by Gabor on myGermany.com
Country: Greece

My order has been sitting in their warehouse for one week. It should have been an easy drop shipment from EU to EU.I paid for the forwarding via DHL 7 days ago and nothing!I wrote them and requested an upgrade for express service, because of the delay, so they asked me to pay 79 EUR, instead of 29.

Dear Gabor,

we have not asked you to pay 79EUR. This was the Express option. We have then recommended you the Economy - which you have actually selected, 29EUR.
The delay was caused by a sudden case of death in our team. We are sorry how it went and, would love to keep you as customer as we really care for our customers! But in such an exceptional situation we could not be faster.

We really wanted to talk to you about the options, but you were not very responsive 🙁

Best regards,

by fergal on myGermany.com
Country: europe

I paid for my parcel to be delivered by expert courier DHL.Parcel was send via Deutsche post and Irish postal company AnPOST.No DHL stickers on parcle and parcel was left on footpath pavement /streetfor anyone to kick or bring home with them.NO document to indicate parcel was abandoned on the street .Service is cheap and there is la good storage time , but if you pay for DHLyou expect to get DHL.

Dear Fergal,

you have selected the cheaper oprtion: DHL WeltPaket Premium, not DHL Express. As per definition is is handed over to local post:


Please understand the shipping options before initiating the shipment, and selcet any Express service if you want to get it delivered directly.

Thanks and best regards,

by praveen verma on myGermany.com
Country: Pakistan

Great Service

by Richard Sarro on myGermany.com
Country: United States

I was referred to MyGermany.com from a Marklin Train dealer. I wanted to purchase several Trix train items from a German vendor, who confirmed they had them in stock, but refused to sell them to me via their website or direct contact. I used MyGermany's concierge service to order the items. They got me everything I wanted and at the price advertised by the vendor. I received all the items in a timely manner and all were in perfect condition. I would highly recommend this service!

by Satyam Hardia on myGermany.com
Country: India

Great communication, awesome services! You guys are awesome! myGermany is a very good package...

by Lex on myGermany.com
Country: Germany

Best Service around EU and outside. Perfect support and quick shippings and affordable prices. Good luck in Business

by Pratik Sharma on myGermany.com
Country: India

Excellent service keep it up.

by JD on myGermany.com
Country: Philippines

Proper handling of my packages and fast forwarding. This is the best service to storage your items and forward them. 5-Star Service!

by Bojan Trpevski on myGermany.com
Country: Macedonia

This service is reliable! My order has arrived on time, I live in North Macedonia, Skopje, and the only way to order one pair of sneakers from a store from Germany was using MyGermany's concierge form. Very professionally done!

by Ammon Olson on myGermany.com
Country: Canada

Man, I felt like this could just be a giant scam, and that they could just take my stuff and sell it on ebay of something, but although it arrived a few days later than advertised, my product was in perfect condition, and when I emailed to ask about the thing taking awhile they were quick to respond and help me understand that the issue was with my tracking. Absolutely recommended.I'm from Canada, if that's relevant to anyone.

by Ashish on myGermany.com
Country: India

Great Service. I had a great experience with MyGermany. I had got great support from them. They had response me quickly

by Riri on myGermany.com
Country: Saudi Arabia

I ordered from an online store and the item was repacked and shipped to Saudi Arabia as soon as I paid the fees. It took two months to arrive to my local address and I belive it was because of Ramadan and Eid seasons and the problem perhaps from the Saudi post end. The tracking status has not been updated for 2 months and I was a bit worried. I contacted Mygermany and they started investigating the issue. Thankfully my package arrived few days after in an excellent condition.

by Marko Đurišić on myGermany.com
Country: Montenegro

Great service! Reliable, quick and professional service at competitive cost. Ordered various goods, had them repacked and shipped 3 times so far to Montenegro without any problems. Friendly and quick feedback.

by Ioannis T on myGermany.com
Country: Cyprus

“Best in Class”
Truly a five star service, my package was quickly dispatched and arrived in Grecce safe and sound!Highly recommended service!

by M&N M&N on myGermany.com
Country: Australia


by Willy on myGermany.com
Country: HK

MyGermany helped me to get my 71kg pallet of toilet fittings from Villeroy&Boch all the way from German to Singapore in perfect condition ! Every single porcelain was nicely packed and not forgetting Johanna for being ever helpful in every way possible !! Highly recommended to all!

by Collin on myGermany.com
Country: Singapore

“Reliable shipping and helpful service”Very helpful service staff who arranged all I needed for a large shipment from Germany to Singapore. Everything arrived very quickly once details were confirmed and all in order. Definitely reliable and will use them again when I need.Thanks Chris, Eva and team from myGermany!

by Blane on myGermany.com
Country: USA

I have used MyGermany.com for several purchases. Their communications with my have been excellent. I am currently using them for an expensive purchase and subsequent shipment of 5 pallets weighing close to 900 kg. I would not have felt comfortable putting this much at risk if my previous service with them had not gone as perfect as it did. This is a great company and I feel completely at ease with their assistance in making purchases in Germany on my behalf and shipping them to me in the USA. They have a great system in place and they are completely trustworthy. I will continue to use them for all my purchases in Germany.

by Litzou on myGermany.com
Country: China

We recently used myGermany to receive a large (32kg) package for us from Lithuania and forward it onto the US. Their service is impeccable and I plan on using them all the time! I was informed as soon as my package arrived at their facility, they stored it for me for 2.5 months for free and as soon as I was ready to receive it in the US I requested that the order be sent and it was shipped out immediately and arrived in perfect condition. It is incredible to have a reliable, professional warehouse in Germany. What is even more unbelievable is that everything is done online - their UI is great, easy to understand and extremely clear. Plus, both times I had a question I received an immediate helpful answer. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would!

by Kiril on myGermany.com
Country: Israel

Hi, your service helped me a lot!Quality service, accurate packaging! lot of thanks!

by Andreas Leistner on myGermany.com
Country: Germany

Sehr guter Service.

by Andreas on myGermany.com
Country: Sweden

Truly a five star service, my package was quickly dispatched and arrived in Sweden safe and sound!Highly recommended service!

by Nape on myGermany.com
Country: US

Very good customer service, very fast delivery and secured. I am very happy with customer service. Good communication and quick action taken. I highly recommend myGermany!

by Michael Ka on myGermany.com
Country: India

Best in Class

by Ksenia Z. on myGermany.com
Country: Russia

“Perfect!”Great service! Sent a huge pack of tabletop games to Russia and everything got to me in perfect condition. Staff was extremely helpful and quick to reply - they helped me split my order into two packages. And also helped me track my package when our post mistakenly swapped tracking nubmers. Prices are also right and you can calculate them beforehead, so no surprises here.The site itself is a bit outdated and can get glitchy, but you can always sort it out by contacting the staff.Will definitely use again!

by howard greenberg on myGermany.com
Country: South Africa

Slow or no response to email. They dont answer their helpline number! Poor service. Maybe they will contact me after this review

Howard, we have talked on the phone. Your countless emails get replied. How is our service bad? We are not responsible for a slow shipment. There is nothing we have done wrong. And we are supporting you in tracking your package.

by Jan on myGermany.com
Country: NL

Very helpful service. Safe, quick and smooth co-operation. Customer friendly approach, great idea, great job. Thank you.

by Kisu on myGermany.com
Country: Finland

The website and user interface is a little bit clumsy and old-fashioned. Email communication is sometimes slow but they always get back to you. The most important thing is that their system works perfectly at a very reasonable cost. It's like having a friend in Germany who will receive your shopping orders, wrap them up and send them to you. This kind of forwarding service usually costs a lot of money in other countries but in here, it's really reasonable. The process is simple to use once you get used to it, but surely there's still room for improvement. I have used their service many times I will continue doing so in the future.

by PP H on myGermany.com
Country: Taiwan

Very friendly customer service ,thank you JOHANNA!

by Shin Take on myGermany.com
Country: Japan


by Iseult Reid on myGermany.com
Country: Israel

Fantastic company, great service. Great company to deal with. Simple process from registration to receiving your goods. Had one query along the way and Marta dealt with it immediately. Cannot fault them and would definitely use mygermany again.

by Amit on myGermany.com
Country: India

Mygermany is top notch and miles ahead of other forwardersMygermany is doing a very good job connecting Germany logistics with worldwide clients. They have solved and managed our consignments to Russia with ease which a lot of big companies failed to do so. I am very impressed and cannot find words to thanks their team for quick answers and professional packing. Our business to Russia has picked up momentum because of them and we see them as a partner for logistics. Keep the good work going guys.

by Marina on myGermany.com
Country: Latvia

Constantly used this service. The first time situation bad. Paid delivery 4 days ago, but the parcel was not sent. I asked to accelerate process, long waited for the answer, and at last Marta answered that there is a lot of work and if I want quicker, then it is necessary to choose more expensive delivery. I believe that this delivery, not cheap! The relation is unpleasant, I was upset. To regular customers such bad relation. It is very unpleasant for me!

Thanks Marina for this feedback. We know we are to slow in the replies. Sorry. We have just hired 2 new guys and hope it will be better soon 🙂

by Filippo G. on myGermany.com
Country: SGP

“Top notch service!”I have used their services several times now and I can say will continue to do so. They are very precise professional, fast responding and simply really good. I am happy to be their customer. Thank you for making my life easier.

by Moha on myGermany.com
Country: US

Best company for shipping from GermanyI had a problem with their shipping but they care about it and replied fast They are fast in putting your stuff on your box and send it to you ASAP I hope they will make more selections for Shipping Will be used again

by Lisa on myGermany.com
Country: Indonesia

Great company, wonderful service and prompt communication. All my goods made it to my home safe and fast! I could not have asked for anything more!

by Oluwatoyin on myGermany.com
Country: Nigeria

I want to buy electronics from Germany to Nigeria, a friend introduced mygermany.com to me, I was well pleased with the service, my orders was shipped to me between 3days through DHL express.Oluwatoyin

by Satomi K. on myGermany.com
Country: Japan

They offer good service. Their reply to emails is fast enough, they deal with irregular requests.However I would recommend myGermany they revise their UI on management page. Because after forwarding shipments, we cannot check information of those anymore, and the management page itself does not look pretty.

Thanks Satomi, in Jan 2018 we will have the UserInterface relaunched 🙂 with a lot of new functions!

by Haya Alfarhan on myGermany.com
Country: Saudi Arabia

Excellent and punctual service, looking forward to deal with Company in the future.

by Utkarsh Khare on myGermany.com
Country: India

Had a great experience with Mygermany !!I was a little skeptical about ordering a product from Germany and getting it delivered to my country (India). But Mygermany did a great job. They delivered it to me well on time. I get products delivered from China too but they take more than one month to get it delivered to me. But with Mygermany my experience was super awesome. Good job Team Mygermany.

by Eyal on myGermany.com
Country: Israel

myGermany. so glad I discovered those guys. They were great, responsive and fast! I received a huge 26kg package from Germany to Israel in 2 days. everything was perfect.

by Dirk Rothe on myGermany.com
Country: Austria

Perfect store: a very reliable partner, where I order anytime again👍👍

by Darleen Smith on myGermany.com
Country: SA

MyGermany is great. I can tell them how I want my stuff to be packed and they do it. 🙂

by Helmut Kern on myGermany.com
Country: AUS

After a few problems with the package size it was solved to my satisfaction and send with the cheapest option available. Top service thank you. Helmut Kern

by Pater Salinger on myGermany.com
Country: Senegal

A "where have you been all my life" company. Have you ever had a "where have you been all my life" moment? Well that is what happened when I first worked with myGermany. I work as a logistics manager for multiple companies and mygermany is truely a blessed; cutting my shipping expenses in half, reducing the number of packages that I need to track, and providing me with a transparent interface where I have a clear overview of all my shipments. Excellent prices, excellent delays, excellent repacking, excellent customer service, excellent everything, cannot recommend these guys enough!

by Joanna on myGermany.com
Country: PL

deserved 5!!! We are supplier of myGermany and we would like to recommend this company to cooperation ! We like the cooperation with myGermany for nice contact, quick decisions and their reliability 🙂

by Ben on myGermany.com
Country: Sweden

Great service, very quick and extremely responsive. I was a little sceptical at first, as I'd never used a forwarding company before but after my first experience with myGermany, I would definitely use them again. Their service was second to none and they were very service minded!

by Armando on myGermany.com
Country: US

Cycling into exclusivity because of myGermany!

Where to start! 1. They say they will store your goods for 60 days free, but all I can tell you is that I purchased an item at July 15, 2015 & kept purchasing till I accumulated 30 items for the next 2 years. By the time I decided to shipped my items to my end, it was of May 2017. I'm so surprised that they did not charge me storage fees nor sent me an email to complain about literally the abuse, yes abuse, of the taking storage space for that long. 2. Quick turn around time when opting for a Concierge service. 3. Quick notification when your package arrives. I really give them kudos for notifying me even when I do not get a chance to notify them that an item I have purchased is arriving. 4. Quick email response when in regards to any inquiry. 5. The great consolidation option & packaging! 6. Clear presentation when choosing : - courier - price points, - days of transit - insurance options. - No hidden fees or charges, what you see is what you paid for. 7. Lastly, I'm so glad that such service exist, as it gave me the opportunity to purchase cycling related items that is either rare & only exclusive to the European market. Thank you so much myGermany!

by Talal on myGermany.com
Country: Saudi Arabia

I've shipped with myGermany 3 times …

I've shipped with myGermany 3 times within 2 months. These shipments ranged from major appliances to small appareles. I was impressed by the high degree of professionalism and attention to details. There prices are competetive and strive hard to make client happy. They offer you advice regarding packaging, consolidation and shipping to insure your stuff to arrive safe and fast. All of the staff particularly Chris, their manager, are cooperative and helpful. Definitely I recommend this company for all your shopping and forwarding needs from Germany

by reBuy on myGermany.com
Country: Germany

Exelent & helpful service: Fraudsters had bought in our shop and the packages should go abroad. But myGermany had stopped this. They have picked up our packages and sent them back to us. We are so thankful for this great and helpful service. Highly recommanded!

by Dragoslav Jovanovic on myGermany.com
Country: Serbia

I myself bought goods and used myGermany.com services.
Kindness and professionalism are their qualities.
My recommendation. Thanks and greetings from Serbia.

by Linda MacDonald on myGermany.com
Country: AUS

Glad your company exists! Did not know that a forwarding company like this existed until recently when I was frustrated when I could find no German company that wants to deal with the bureaucracy of export paperwork to Canada. The website...and process...is well thought out. A wide range of services depending on how much assistance (and how many separate packages) are required. Easy to get cost estimates. Good work, company-founders!

by Daniel on myGermany.com
Country: Israel

Excellent service - from collection and delivery. Reliable, courteous and professional service. It is highly recommended.

by Hagop Ohannessian on myGermany.com
Country: Turkey

Orders 100% successfull. With every new order , new positive experience .You discover the support that you have in case of problems. Reliable partners in online shopping . Hagop Ohannessian

by Anita Khaw on myGermany.com
Country: Netherlands

Very helpful and friendly customer …Very helpful and friendly customer service 🙂 I will use Mygermany service again. Highly recommanded 🙂

by Elena Stepanova on myGermany.com
Country: Australia

We bought all our bathroom supplies including toilet and bidet from Germany and MyGermany helped us ship it to Australia. Everything has arrived safely and I would definitely use this service again.

by AISSA AISSA on myGermany.com
Country: Spain

Good serviceHan sido rápidos en responder a mi petición y me han enviado el paquete rápidamente,gracias. It is a good service, I'll use it again 🙂 thanks myGermany team

by Josephine on myGermany.com
Country: Hing Kong

Mygermany has SAVED me totally ! I need to purchase a solid wood bunk bed for my kids, after figuring out with a forwarder whom could ship the bed from Germany to Hong Kong, I go ahead to purchase. After tonnes of research, I discover, in the end, that we simply cannot ship such a HUGE and HEAVY item without proper EXPORT packing ! It will just break easily and you are just wasting money ! I then got stuck as my goods has been delivered to 3rd party warehouse in Germany and no other company is willing to go pick, pack and ship. I reached out to more than 10+ companies including overseas movers ! IT was a waste of time as they neither could pack or they do not want to take this small business (they are movers who could pack but they pack the whole house for people !) In short, I AM STUCK ! I never felt so stress at shopping and finally I found MyGermany ! In 1 night, they turnaround the situation. They immediately call the warehouse, figure out the local transport, an get the bed for me. They indeed pack the bed nicely on a pallet and the item arrived safely in perfect condition in just 1 week. I cannot believe the problem could be resolved so easily all a sudden. I feel SO grateful to Chris and Johanna. You guys have the BEST IN CLASS customer service, infrastructure, reasonable price, expertise in logistics, to handle all difficult situations for customers. I never bother to write a review but this time I feel so obligated because you IMPRESSED me ! You guys are really creating values and everything you do has a thought behind. Very sensible ! I wish MyGermany every success and I wish there are MyJapan, MyAustralia, MyUSA...You guys are amazing. I can't find any issue and I wish I know your existence earlier !

by RG myGermany on myGermany.com
Country: Zimbabwe

Affordable. My package was received and then forwarded to me in a timely manner. I live in Canada. Package was inspected by myGermany and customs documents were prepared all at no extra cost. Will definitely use again as needed

Country: Serbia

Wow, I can only say I`m impressed. These guys are really great!
They bring beauty in every aspect of the process. You must love their commitment to the business and their professionalism.
They treat you like a part of family and are always there to help you no matter what. You know your stuff is in safe hands and the packing is the last word in this field.
I am happy for found such a great forwarding service. Mygermany is the ultimate.
Thank you, guys!
P.S. Don`t waste your time trying different forwarding sites.
I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this one.

by Oleg on myGermany.com
Country: Russia

Perfect! Really the best mail-forwarding service for Russian customers. The support teami is really professional. Thank for all myGermany staff, love to Eva and Johanna.

by Wilhelm on myGermany.com
Country: South Africa

Great service. Package arrived at the souther most tip of Africa without anu problems. I can without hesitation recommend mygermany to anyone

by Seth McDermott on myGermany.com
Country: US

Amazing staff, and very responsive on time-sensitive deliveries

Fantastic customer service end-to-end. I was on a tight deadline to get my item ordered and shipped before it sold out, and when I had trouble ordering online (the seller's form wouldn't accept the address data that I entered), myGermany's concierge service took care of it - they even Skyped me while filling in the form to make sure it worked. When the original seller took a long time to send the order to myGermany, they followed up and phoned them to call attention to it and get the order shipped without me even having to request it. I had urgent last-minute concerns about the shipping quote, and they responded super-fast; they were honest that they had made a typo, and corrected it right away so that my order could ship the same day at a good rate. All around, everything I could ask for - responsive, polite, helpful, accountable. Johanna and Christian, you're awesome.

by Michael Hermansjah on myGermany.com
Country: Indonesia

Amazing service, excellent, friendly yet professional staff. There are several shipping options, so you can choose whichever suits you.

by David Schaap on myGermany.com
Country: NL

Very quick service. Setting up my account took a minute. Directly ordered something from Amazon, got delivered 2 days later to MyGermany. They immediately gave me a notice of arrival. Took 2 clicks to get to the page with shipping details, with both FedEx en DHL as option, and clear overview of shipping costs - another 2 workdays to get to me (Netherlands). Definitely recommended if you want to order something only available in Germany (Amazon Echo, for example!)

by Piter on myGermany.com
Country: Canada

I like this service very much!

Country: Serbia

wonderful company

Wow, I can only say I`m impressed. These guys are really great! They bring beauty in every aspect of the process. You must love their commitment to the business and their perfectionism. They treat you like a part of family and are always there to help you no matter what. You know your stuff is in safe hands and the packing is the last word in this field. I am happy for found such a great forwarding service. Mygermany is the ultimate. Thank you, guys! P.S. Don`t waste your time trying different forwarding sites. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with this one.

by Patrick on myGermany.com
Country: US

Great experience. Used them two times to ship bicycles from Canyon in Germany to the USA. Great service, fast replies to email questions, and did everything perfectly.

by Andreas on myGermany.com
Country: Hong Kong

The parcel was picked up on 4 April 2017, and now is 11 April 2017, but DHL tracking only showing only up to 5 April 2017 information, 5 days behind, and Customer Service of myGermany cannot help with that.According to myGermany, "We do not have other information yet...but as per my experience it will reach you in some days."The reason why choosing expensive DHL because it is fast, punctual & reliable, and tracking information is available. Otherwise, why bother to pay more?The most annoying thing is, myGermany relay reply from DHL, "Sometimes there are delays because of human errors, technical issues, weather etc. Such problems can't be predicted. The stated standard delivery periods are average delivery periods, and are not contractual guarantied timings."Well, feels like a disclaimer whatever happened, not their responsibility, either DHL nor myGermany. So what service quality should customer expected?Not disappointed, comparatively, just Amazon do customer service too good to make loyal customer get used to good service quality.

Hi Andreas, we are sorry about your feedback. You have selected DHL Premium and not DHL Express. It was not the fastest option available, you could have selected DHL EXPRESS!?
Well, and our customer support cannot do anything after the package has left, except speaking to DHL and forwarding their feedback. You received the package 13th, which is 7 working days after it has left - not too bad, or!?

I assume our service before the package left was OK!?

by Aldrin on myGermany.com
Country: China

“Fast and Reliable”It was my first time to do business with MyGermany and I am very happy with my experience with them. They are very responsive to my questions and always willing to help. I love how their system works -- very user-friendly. The moment they received my items from the merchant, they are able to provide me updates about it and I was able to view it on my account. They acted very fast! I received my package on-time.Fast and reliable. You guys are awesome!

by Yaser Alzahrani on myGermany.com
Country: Saudi Arabia

Great service and reliableGreat services and reliable. Fast delivery to Saudi Arabia. Friendly and professional costumer services. Thank you for great services!

by Adam on myGermany.com
Country: CH

Fully satisfied! Polite staff, efficient handling, much cheaper and faster than the alternatives. Would recommend to everyone!

by saeid on myGermany.com
Country: Thailand

hm... Ipz.Ffm Germany.i heard this code i hate this code.I beilive have to wait several weeks .not 6-7 days.why not DHL experess???my shipment still lay down in transit.

Hi Saeid,

sorry to hear that you have had issues... we have not shipped EXPRESS because you have simply not selected it 🙁 But if we can help, please let us know via info@mygermany.com - send me details and I am happy to help!?

by Jack Mwx on myGermany.com
Country: Singapore

Caring and Responsive! My first time with myGermany, special compliments to Johanna and Eva who are always there to answer questions and clarify doubts. Overall, a fantastic company serving the needs of international clients. Perhaps one suggestion: to add in a new feature into the customer account platform with status update when order is placed by the concierge team. That might allay any concerns an international client may have due to different time zones.

by Dirk on myGermany.com
Country: South Africa

Excellent Service & Contact with this CompanyVery fast delivery about this company. I order again a new product👍

by Tan on myGermany.com
Country: China

非常好的转运服务!myGermany的服务非常不错,终于能轻轻松松从国外买东西啦!再也不用求人代购了,还要担心买到假货。 只需要注册一下然后按照网站上的说明一步步操作就可以了,非常方便!这次买了个小东西,收到包裹很吃惊,里里外外包裹得非常严实,德国人的专业和严谨果然是名不虚传啊! 如果想从德国和欧洲的网站直接买东西的话,myGermany值得推荐!

by Jack on myGermany.com
Country: China

可靠、值得信赖的代购、转运和海外仓储服务!从myGermany网站注册会员后,享受到了非常棒的代购服务!之前因种种原因无法从德国买东西,现在变得非常方便!不仅帮我完成了购买,在账户中也可以查看购买到的产品的图片,非常细心的再次包装,发到国内的速度也很快,没有清关那些麻烦的事情了! 另外,我朋友做跨境电商在欧洲的退货也得到了非常好的解决方案! 以后从欧洲买东西,卖东西会很方便了!另外客服和Chris的沟通及服务也很体贴、专业!值得推荐!

by Mohammed on myGermany.com
Country: Saudi Arabia

excellent packaging, the first time I used myGermany. It was clear operations, with the exception transfer shipment from DHL to the national mail of my country. It was an excellent packaging process Shipment arrives in excellent condition

by Schmidt on myGermany.com
Country: South Africa

Thanks for everything :-)Buying something on the German market from abroad can be difficult. This company did help me in a friendly and efficient way. Thank you for making this possible

by Robert on myGermany.com
Country: US

Canyon Bike delivery to USAI had some initial concerns making an expensive overseas purchase for the first time but was very satisfied with the entire process working with mygermany. Johanna was my contact and was awesome. She answered my multiple questions (and concerns) completely--and quickly. Overall a hassle-free experience, very responsive, and a good value considering all the did behind the scenes. Used the Concierge, which made sense for this type of purchase, and was worth the extra expense. Highly recommended, enjoyed working with them. Thanks/Danka Johanna and Eva!

by Jack on myGermany.com
Country: China

Great and friendly service! It was a pleasant shopping experience. Fast and reliable delivery to China. I have always wanted to buy products from German directly, but since I didn't have a German shipping address, it was very difficult. But now I can buy whatever I want from German. So a huge thank you to myGermany! It was very easy to set up my account on their website. And the operations are very clear. Most of all, they have an excellent packaging process. thank you again! I 100% recommend myGermany to those who want to buy things from German and Europe.

by Greg on myGermany.com
Country: Australia

The Best Collection and Forwarding AgencyI started using myGermany because of all the great reviews and I can only say that those reviews have been spot on. The service is quick, professional and the rates are extremely reasonable. The order interface is also easy to use and very flexible. I have also used the concierge service numerous times as many 'ebay.de' sellers do not use paypal and want a bank transfer instead. You will already know how expensive that is if you try to arrange an international payment through your bank but 'myGermany' will deposit funds into bank accounts for no more that a 10% commission. Customer service is the best with Johanna and her team going out of their way to make you feel like a valued customer. On an occasion where an item of mine got damaged in transit and the shipping company would not pay the insurance because there was no observable damage to the carton, 'myGermany' offered me a commensurate discount on my next shipment, even though the damage was through no fault of their own. Of course there would not be any visible damage to the shipping carton because those cartons are packed with such care and with lots of smaller boxes within larger boxes so that the shipment is very, very rigid. I would recommend mygermany without hesitation.

by Efram on myGermany.com
Country: Israel

Great service in all aspects. I just used their services the first time. The service was excellent including : Packaging, delivery time and customer service. The only surprise I had was that while the package was requested to be delivered by DHL it was transfer in Israel to the local Post company. It was a concern because Post IL is known for huge delays. But eventually the package arrived on time. Thank you and would definitely recommend MyGermany services.

by Stephen on myGermany.com
Country: CH

Great Service - very friendly guys, always in time, quite German!They are always in time, they keep what they promise, very friendly service. Even when a difficulty appeared, they dealt with it in a very professional manner. I 100% recommend those guys from myGermany!

by D Kim on myGermany.com
Country: USA

Very very happy with the service.It's a bit pricey to ship things, but their service is super fast and professional.I opted for the concierge service since the store I wanted to order from didn't accept foreign cards. Couldn't have been easier!Thanks mygermany!

by Susan on myGermany.com
Country: US

Reliable, professional, personable, Their system works very well. Item is received and dispatched quickly, and the management communicates well. Happy to use again.

by Anatol on myGermany.com
Country: Serbia

Trusted service!I used their service for few months already. Everything went nice and I'm happy to have MyGermany like my partner! Thank you!

by Partick on myGermany.com
Country: US

Great German Mailbox. After some issues at the beginning everything seem to be fine now. My packages came all good to me to the USA

by Oliver C on myGermany.com
Country: US

Quick, helpful and very easy. I have used MyGermany twice so far for two orders from Amazon.de sellers that wouldn't ship to the UK. Once in December 2016 and again in January 2017. It was very easy to set up my account and then order to their address. Both times after my parcel arrived with them and I paid for shipping, my items were sent out within one day. I used FedEx both times and I received my package within 2 days the first time, and 3 the second as this time it was sent on Sunday. Both times my items were packaged nicely. I would definitely recommend MyGermany, and will be using them again myself soon =)

by Larry on myGermany.com
Country: China

Having been 1 year with Mygermany …Having been 1 year with Mygermany, and the response is always fast. I have witnessed their improvements on their website. Hopefully, individual email addresses will be created for each staff in 2017 ^_^ Johanna certainly replied most of my requests, Eva follows closely. You are the stars on the front line. Also send my appreciation to the guys who do the repacking , standing behind the scene. well, last but not least, discounts in 2017! ^_^

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